The Redhot Footage video stock footage library blog is full of advice about shooting video for stock and using stock in your projects. Below you will find the most recent blog posts in our series on shooting video for stock.

  • Canon 5D Colour Grading RAW Footage

    Mother chasing toddler in a parkColour Grading RAW Footage from a Canon 5d Mark III and Magic Lantern. The dynamic range is pretty good, probably about 12 stops. Not quite as high as the Black Magic cameras, which are said to have about 13, but it’s not all about the stops, it’s more about the gradations. Even with some cameras ... Read more
  • Canon 5D Post Processing RAW Footage

    business woman outside an airport terminal looking at her phonePost processing with RAW footage from a Canon 5d III and Magic Lantern. There were no problems with the capture onto a Komputerbay 64GB card.Post processing RAW is definitely more effort, but well worth it. Keying was superb, it is amazing the difference in … Read more
  • Difference between videography & cinematography

    A Group of business men outdoorsThere’s some debate on the web over the question what’s the difference between videography and cinematography. Own in-house cinematographer, Mike Bluestone had a slightly different perspective on the difference between videography and cinematography when we discussed it recently … Read more
  • Tips for directing kids when filming

    Anyone who has done some filming with kid models knows that it has its own set of problems. Whilst keeping them in the same place and focused is one thing, making it so that they look great on film in another. Cinematographer Mike Bluestone passes on the secret to achieving both with his top tips ... Read more